home office

problem: Gwen has one room in her house that is both her home office and her quilting room. She had run out of space and had a hard time finding her tools or what fabrics she had purchased. This meant multiple purchases. She had a hard time getting to her machines and she wanted a better system for keeping track of her clients’ paperwork.

simplified solution: Gwen had a good system for organization but needed the help to get started to purge and organize her fabrics, tools and paperwork. simplified living sorted and folded all of her fabrics. her quilting books and magazines were separated from her real estate books and paperwork. her tools were grouped by like items and separated into different drawers for easy retrieval. A new paper sorting system was implemented and bulletin boards were purchased to display information that was needed for quick reference.

“It seems like i never had time to ‘get organized’, and had reached a point where I had piles of paperwork and fabric. My fabric stash so disorganized that I was going out purchasing new fabric…because i didn’t know what I had. simplified living organized my space and taught me skills to keep it organized. I no longer dread going into my office/studio thanks to simplified living!

–Gwen B

gwen office organize makeover quilting

quilting space

problem: Kay is a quilter and she has a whole room in her house devoted just to quilting. The problem is that she has fabric, and more fabric and even more fabric. and along with that fabric she has batting and rulers and patterns and cutting tools and the list goes on. Kay couldn’t use her work surfaces because they were piled with fabric and she couldn’t close the doors to her storage closet because of the amount of batting she had stored away.

simplified solution: simplified living helped Kay gather sort and contain all of her fabric. Started projects were put into separate plastic bins and labeled for easy identification. Hooks were hung for rulers and the drawers were organized to separate yarn from thread and cutting tools from templates. Kits and patterns now have their own filing system. Shelves were installed for all of her books and manuals. Space Bags were used to compact and store all of the batting that was taking over her room.

“I know now what I have, what I need and where it is. I am currently involved in a 12 quilt commission and was able to go directly to the file box to retrieve photo paper because I knew where it was. I can find anything I need immediately because it is all labeled and filed. [uncompleted projects] are easy to finish because they are all organized in an easy to follow labeled way. I love being in my room more than ever now that I know where everything is. Thanks again for all of the help!!”

–Kay T.

kay quilting organizing sewing project

utility room

problem: Dwight and Susan’s utility room houses their washer and dryer as well as the equipment for their sausage making and jam making hobbies. Their storage space is limited and doing laundry was a challenge because of the space they had wasn’t maximized.

simplified solution: simplified living organized their utility room into different zones. small appliances were put together, baskets and tins were put together and pantry items were put together. Not only did this maximize their space, but it also makes it easier to find what they were looking for. Jam and sausage making supplies and other items were put in clear storage containers for easy identification and stored in cabinets. A large crate, that originally stored cleaning supplies and empty jam jars, was emptied and now houses rugs, making room for a much needed laundry hamper.

“Recently i had simplified living organize my utility room and what a difference it has made! It is so much easier to find stuff as it is grouped by items and all of them are in the same cupboard or on the same shelf. I look forward to having them tackle a huge job of organizing and storing the boxes of pictures that I have managed to collect through the years. thanks for making my life more simplified!”

–Susan L.

susan utility organize makeover

new house

problem: Karen is a busy mother of three. She and her family had moved into a beautiful new house, but she was overwhelmed with unpacking and putting everything in its place. she also had a home office but had a hard time finding a place for her children’s school paperwork, household bills and her educational materials. She just needed help getting settled!

simplified solution: simplified living came to her house and helped her unpack all of the boxes that she had left. Together we worked in her TV room, home office, children’s rooms, master bedroom closets, pantry, kitchen and even her garage. We established a filing system so now she has a place for all of those papers and can easily tell what is for her children, the household and her home business.

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